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Student Recital

Featuring students of Kira Levitzky and Maria Scott

Updated: 6/17/17

Piano Students of Maria Scott
Matthew K - Let’s Play Ball, by Faber
Hailey P - Ode to Joy, by Beethoven
Derrick C - Yankee Doodle, by Traditional
Lily A - Petite Minuet, by Faber
Evan A - Yankee Doodle/Hamilton, arr. by Herbert
Aldrin B - The Muskrat and the Frog, by Marlais
Gabriel M - Melody, by Mozart
Arveen K - Loch Ness Monster, by Faber
Bela L - Detective Agency, by Faber
Sebastian O - Ice Skaters, by Waldeufel
Sam E - Bagatelle, by Diabelli
Arya K - The Clown, by Kabalevksy
Nora W - Horsemen of the Plains, by V. Roubos
Arveen & Arya K - In A Hurry, by Weekly

Violin Student of Anna Bross
Ben E - Allegro, by Suzuki
Stephenie P - Andantino, by Suzuki

Guitar Student of James Lowe
Jonathan E - Waltz, by F. Carulli

Piano Students of Kira Levitzky
Jaiden E - Lightly Row, by Faber
Lila D - Let’s Play Ball, by Faber
Benjamin J - Russian Sailor Dance, by Traditional
Kennedy T - Merrily We Roll Along, by Traditional
Phoebe J - Yankee Doodle, by Traditional
Sayuri S-S - Come See the People, by Traditional
Maia K-T - This Is Not Jingle Bells, by Faber

Later Event: June 17
Student Recital