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Winter Student Recitals: Students of Phoebe Hu, Jonathan Graybill, Sarah Greene, and Terry Shirley-Quirk

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Join us for our Winter Student Recitals! New this year: all student recitals will be held in the SANCTUARY at Second Presbyterian Church and are free and open to the public.


Violin Students of Phoebe Hu

Chelan A. - Musette

Delphinium F. - Ants Song

Kristoffer N. - Allegro

Bernadette B. - Perpetual Motion

Vanessa K. - Song of the Wind

Fiyinfoluwa J. - Jingle Bells

Maggie M. - Lightly Row

Moira C. - Allegretto

Ava P. - Minuet No. 1

Piano Students of Jonathan Graybill

Luke B. - Looking Glass River

Anastasia L. - Rusty Old Bike

Maren H. - Sakura

Jacob C. - Gallop Pony

Kaitlyn P. - A Mixed Up Song

Piano Students of Sarah Greene

James T. - Alley Cat Choir

Ruxton M. - Ferris Wheel

Finley C. - Ode to Joy

Elizabeth J. - My Invention

Millie H. - Knock, Knock

Zuri J. - Halftime Show

Kennedy S. - The Juggler

Will C. - The Snake Charmer

Leo B. - Ode to Joy

Lucy J. - This is Not Jingle Bells

Natalie B. - Prelude in A minor

Finn I. - Carol of the Bells

Evelyn A. - Cossack Ride

Vincent S. - We Three Kings

Sally B. - The Horseman’s Night Ride

Daphne L. - Ode to Joy

Ethan J. - Eine Weine Nachtmusik

Norah B. - TBD

Vivie L. - Polovtsian Dance

Vivianna F. - The Avalanche

Paris S. - Jingle Bells

Ian S. - Sonatina in G

Phoebe J. - Kites in the Sky

Piano Student of Carter McMullen

Lars Barth - Tumbalalaika