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Student Recital

Join us for a student recital featuring the students of Dr. Lena Seeger.

All student recitals will be held in the Chapel at Second Presbyterian Church at 4200 St Paul St, Baltimore MD, and are free and open to the public.

Updated May 31, 2018

Students of Lena Seeger

Zuri - Trumpet Song by J. Clarke
John - Firefly, by Faber
Victoria - The Dance Band, by Faber
John - Young Hunter, by Faber
Sai - The Clock Shop, by Faber
Lenny - Russian Sailor Dance, by Traditional
Henri - Sleeping Beauty Waltz, by Tchaikovsky
Morgan - Shepherd’s Song, by Beethoven
Alex - The Horseman’s Night Ride, by Faber
Peter - The British Grenadiers, by Traditional

Piano Students of Sarah Greene
Natalie - Olympic Games, by Bastien
James - Dinosaur Music Night, By Faber

Piano Student of Carter McMullen

Students of Lena Seeger
Wynter - Mazurka, by P.D. Keyse
Maggie - A Walk in the Park, by P.D. Keysei
Makedah - Moonlight, by Traditional
Ella - Moonlight, by Traditional
Victoria -  Tap Dance, by E.D. Huws
Moira - Raindrops, by P.D. Keyser
Kate - The Jesters, by T. Arbeau
Moira - Canon, by P. Hayes
Bernadette -The River, by P.D. Keyser
Daniel - The Grey Dove, by March from the Peasant’s Cantata, by J.S. Bach
Chelan - Rigaudon, J.P. Rameau
Eva - Gavotte in D, by J.S. Bach
Katie - Romance, by N. Baklanova
Katelyn - Concertino in E minor, 1st Movement, by Portnoff

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Student Recital
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Student Recital