Baltimore School of Music is a family owned, mission-driven small business located in Baltimore, Maryland dedicated to promoting classical music by providing music education to students of all ages and abilities.


To offer a variety of education opportunities for students, including group classes, private lessons, workshops, masterclasses, and concerts;

To inspire students to pursue a lifelong love and appreciation of classical music; 

To create a community of the highest quality local music teachers who share and are committed to our mission.

Core Values

  • Our social mission is as vital to our success as any potential profit

  • Music education should be accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds

  • Approach teaching with compassion, encouragement, and support

  • The impact and integrity of classical music can change lives

  • Performance is a central component of music education

  • Be environmentally friendly and use sustainable/low-impact materials whenever possible


Baltimore School of Music is proud to support our community, including the following organizations:

The National Guild for Community Arts Education supports and advances lifelong learning opportunities in the arts. Baltimore School of Music is a proud member and supporter.


Baltimore School of Music is a supporter of BCGS, who hosts classical guitar concerts, masterclasses, lectures, and other events in Baltimore. You’re sure to find BSM’s teachers and students at most concerts and events.


Baltimore School of Music is a member of the Maryland Green Registry. View BSM’s profile and find out about the sustainable practices we take to be an environmentally friendly business.


Baltimore School of Music has sponsored the Johns Hopkins Cycling Team since 2012. Attend an event, bike with the team, or support the team by ordering a kit with our logo!