May Student of the Month - Gina Brennan

May Student of the Month: Gina Brennan
Teacher: Jennifer Hughson
Instrument: Flute


Congratulations to our May 2015 Student of the Month, Gina! Gina is 8 years old and has been taking flute lessons for about 7 months. She was nominated by her teacher, Jennifer Hughson.

When did you begin flute lessons at BSM?
October 2014

What do you enjoy most about taking music lessons?
The satisfaction of playing, and knowing how to read music.

What’s your favorite thing about BSM?
My music teacher, Jennifer!

What do you like most about playing the flute?
The range of sounds it can make.

What’s the easiest part of playing the flute?
Making sound.

What’s the most difficult part of playing the flute?
Not getting frustrated, especially with getting the sound and notes right.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve played in lessons?
“Hot Cross Buns,” “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” – really all of the pieces I play!

What has been your favorite musical experience at BSM?
Making charts of notes to help get better at reading music.

Would you have any tips for other people taking flute lessons?
Don’t get frustrated. Everybody makes mistakes, no one is perfect. With the flute you’re probably not going to get sound the first time you play – but it will get easier.

Do you have any advice for people about how to practice at home?
Set a time and length for your practice.

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