Student of the Month – Evan Schmidt

(Student of the Month Evan Schmidt with teacher Jessica Hardesty)

December Student of the Month: Evan Schmidt
Teacher: Jessica Hardesty
Instrument: Viola


“He always comes to lessons prepared and always knows what his homework is,” said Jessica Hardesty, Evan’s viola teacher at BSM. “He has also made a lot of progress, particularly with his rhythm and reading skills.”

Evan, a fifth-grader at City Neighbors Charter School, has been playing the viola for nearly a year. Previously, he played the piano.

Evan said the way the viola sounds is his favorite part about the instrument and his favorite part about taking lessons at BSM is “learning new things.”

In addition to learning how to play the instrument, Evan has learned that the strings on a viola are from C to E as opposed to the violin which are from G to A.

In fact, the viola has the same pitches as the cello, creating a deeper, richer sound than the higher sound of the violin, Jessica said. There are also unique pieces written for the viola, which is slightly larger than the violin.

Jessica’s advice to other students who want to progress in their lessons is to listen to their teacher and, of course, practice.

When asked what advice he has for anyone just beginning music lessons, Evan said “to expect having to put a lot more work into it than you might think.”

James LoweComment