New Make-Up Lesson Feature in BSM Student Accounts!

There are some exciting new features to BSM Student Accounts for lesson cancellations and scheduling make-ups!

From now on, if you have to cancel a lesson, you can now do so using your BSM Student Account. When you cancel this way, you can immediately look at your teacher's schedule to sign-up for a make-up lesson time, making it simpler and faster for you to reschedule lessons!

BSM Student Account FAQs

What is my BSM student account?

Each registered student/parent is assigned login information for a BSM student account. This account allows you to view your lesson schedule, cancel lessons, schedule make-up lessons, and view tuition payments. Your login and password is emailed to you when you register.

How to Cancel Lessons Via BSM Student Account

  1. Log into BSM student account:

  2. On home screen you will see your lesson calendar - select the lesson that you would like to cancel by clicking on the event

  3. Click “X Cancel Attendance”

  4. Optional: Leave note for teacher

Please note: Since music education is most effective when it is consistent, we encourage our students to attend their regularly scheduled lessons. We allow up to 2 lessons per school year to be rescheduled as long as 24-hour notice is given.

How to Schedule a Make-up Lesson Via BSM Student Account

  1. Log into BSM student account:

  2. On home screen, look through calendar to find available make-up lesson slot with your teacher - these will show-up red and will say, “Make-up lesson”

  3. Click on the make-up time you want to sign-up for and click “Register”

What if I am sick? 

If you are sick and cannot give us 24-hour notice, we will allow the lesson to be rescheduled if a doctor's note is given. Please email a copy of the doctor's note to:

What happens if I want to stop lessons? 

Registration lasts for our entire school year, from date of registration through August 31, 2016. Students can withdraw from lessons during any month of our school year by submitting a Withdrawal Form through our website at: If the form is submitted by the 15th of the month, you will be unenrolled at the end of the month in which the withdrawal is submitted. Students who submit the form after the 15th of the month will be unenrolled at the end of the next month. Please note: We do not accept verbal or email notifications for student withdrawal - students must submit the online form.

What happens in case of inclement weather? 

We will post any closures to our website, BSM student accounts, and social media, and we will also send an email to students & parents.

Any other questions? Send us an email or ask at your next lesson!


James Lowe