3 Years Running: Reigning Supreme as the Best Music Lessons in Baltimore

In the world of classical music, where elegance, precision, and artistry reign supreme, Baltimore School of Music has consistently struck the right chord. For three consecutive years, this esteemed institution…
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Image of renovated David Geffen Hall in Lincoln Center.

Musical Journeys: David Geffen Hall and the New York Philharmonic

As a music lover and avid concert-goer, I had the incredible opportunity to witness the newly renovated David Geffen Hall in New York City and experience a performance by the…
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Baltimore School of Music attends Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention

Jamie Mandelson, Baltimore School of Music school manager and woodwind teacher, recently attended The Flute Society of Washington’s Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention representing Baltimore School of Music. The convention is held…
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Valentine’s Day Virtual Student Recital 2023

Welcome to Baltimore School of Music’s Valentine’s Day Virtual Student Recital! We are excited to have you join us for another great showcase of our student’s talent and hard work.…
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Group Class Registration Open

Registration for Session 2 of Baltimore School of Music’s group classes is now open! Baltimore School of Music’s group classes include Guitar for Kids, Violin for Kids, and Intro to…
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Drum & Percussion Lessons Now Available

We are excited to announce that drum and percussion lessons are now available at Baltimore School of Music! Drums have long been a requested instrument at the music school and…
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