Practice Tips – October 2023

Let’s face it – sometimes you don’t want to practice your instrument. Baltimore School of Music has some easy tips and tricks to make practicing and playing your instrument fun!

  • Have your instrument out on a stand all the time. Having the instrument out of its case encourages you to pick it up more often. Even playing your instrument for a couple of minutes each day can help you to make progress!
  • Don’t spend more than five minutes drilling a section. We find it helpful to set a timer for five minutes to make sure that you don’t go over this time limit. Spending this amount of time on a few measures can greatly improve the section without overdoing it. We can go backwards in progress if we spend too much time on any one part. 
  • If you’re feeling tired and like you can’t practice efficiently, critically listen to the piece you’re learning by multiple different performers or any piece played by the instrument you are learning. A musician can learn a lot just by listening to their instrument.
  • Don’t be afraid to write in your music. Anything that will help, write it in.

The next time you find yourself not wanting to pick up your instrument, try these tips and you’ll be sure to end on a high note.